To Maggie - Recipes Shared with Love

Here is the beginning of a collection of favorite recipes for you to share and to add to. The recipes that you have asked for are included in addition to others that are also favorites!

Remember your 'Downstairs Diner' and feeding your friends and stuffed animals malts from the menu!

I have included just a few of your favorites, Wild Rice Soup, Chicken and Rice, Broccoli, Oriental Chicken Pasta, Pesto Pistachio Chicken Salads.....French Toast or our favorite, P.F. Changs Lettuce Wraps with Turkey. Not to forget our favorite feeling 'under the weather foods' Chicken Noodle Soup and Grandma Pat's Jello and Ice Cream and of course Egg Salad on (I didn't include that recipe I figured you have it committed to memory).

Remember when Grandpa took the cooking classes in New Smyrna, from, if I remember correctly the french chef....well here are his recipes, I hope you will treasure these.

I love this photograph, taken one week after John was born. Surrounded by laundry on the couch and your blanket Maggie, you took great care of John who was such a great little guy.


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